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Sunday, 14 January 2018

Everything you can do with the RA and the iPad in an ad

As usual, the Cupertino have launched two new ads to promote one of the latest features that have reached devices with iOS 11; it is the Augmented Reality, which was implemented when Apple released the ARKit, just during the release of the current version of iOS.

They are really short but useful , and will help you discover new features on your devices. This time it's the iPad, which together with the Augmented Reality form a brilliant team.

Let your imagination fly with the RA

In this short 15-second ad, we can see how our protagonist uses her iPad and ARKit technology to decorate an area belonging to a monument with different furniture .

Without a doubt, this is not something we could have imagined years ago.

The Apple Pencil

In this second announcement Apple focused on showing the benefits of the Apple Pencil , which linked to our iPad Pro, can create real wonders.

Some things of this announcement may be familiar , and we have already seen some of these scenes in one of the ads published by Apple previously. If you want to go see it, click here to go to the video.

January seems to be quite active for Apple, since a few days ago they released two new ads that extolled the benefits of the camera of the new iPhone, in addition to its filters that mimic studio lighting .

Do you like these ads that Apple is taking lately? What do you think of them? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | MacRumors 

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