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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Experimental drone helps save two people in the Australian sea

An experimental Drone except for the life of two people. 70 seconds were enough for a coast guard to operate an experimental drone and deliver a flotation device to two teenagers who were in the sea about 700 meters from the coast and face the ripple that reached three meters. The episode was developed in Lennox Head, in Australia, and had a happy ending, since the boys managed to hold on to the flotation team and swim to the mainland.

It is a new experimental Drone that detects situations of risk and is prepared to save lives at sea.
A median estimate suggests that lifeguards would need six minutes to reach teenagers in danger. The Drone Little Ripper UAV, comes equipped with a camera and an inflatable device.

Once the location of the swimmers was detected, the experimental Drone deployed the salvage charge so that it fell on them, providing a means to safely float on what the help arrived.

The Little Ripper UAV drone has proven to be a functional tool that can make the difference between life and death.

The company Litle Ripper Life Save operates a series of sophisticated UAV drones equipped and programmed for lifeguards. The drones used correspond to several models according to the lifesaving activity that they are intended for.

These are single-rotor and multi-rotor drones. These small unmanned RIPPER UAVS helicopters, are in fact capable of achieving a long range deployment and are used successfully for fast search and rescue operations.

These quadrupeds are also being tested for the delivery of other materials, such as electromagnetic devices to repel sharks and survival kits, consisting of water, thermal blanket, radio and medical equipment for first aid.

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