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Monday, 15 January 2018

Forget about WhatsApp: this app is so safe that it avoids screenshots

Security is something that worries us, since there are numerous cases of information theft or scam attempts. And one of the channels for these events to occur are social networking applications , especially WhatsApp.

Well, an app has been developed that claims to be as safe and impregnable as possible, we talk about Confide. Are you worried about security? Take a look at our article.

This app presumes to have all the normal features of an application in terms of security, such as end-to-end encryption or ephemeral messages, that is, they self-destruct and can not be saved (which WhatsApp does not have for example ). Now, what makes it even more secure is that you can not take screenshots of it.

How have you stayed? Well, like us, of stone. And the funny thing is that although you can make a screenshot of itself, it does not copy the content of messages , all thanks to Screenfield technology. We show it to you in the GIF below.

And is that in addition to that, after trying the app with some test messages, it is curious that when you receive something, the text appears behind a kind of orange bricks . As you move your finger, you discover the text behind these bricks and you can read its contents. Maybe you can consider this application if your conversations have to be a maximum secret.

Although it is available under free download, there is a plus version that you can buy for almost 5 euros a month for a year and in which you have more advanced features , such as avoiding screen capture (not available in the free version), or the sending of unlimited messages.

Will you compete with WhatsApp? Not at all, in my case I have more than 300 contacts in the green network and none in Confide, so it is an app aimed at very specific users who need an extra, that there are. They are applications to communicate, it is true, but one has a totally manageable and easy character, while the second is for what it is. Anyway, it does not hurt to take a look and try it.

WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
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Anyway, do you think that this Screenfield technology could have a future in the most popular messaging applications? Or will Apple take the eye for iMessage? Your opinions count a lot , that's why we wait for you.

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