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Monday, 8 January 2018

Future technology. Millimeter waves with 5G technology

As impressive as they are, the 4G networks of smartphones can hardly support the standardization of technologies such as UHD or VR video. Addressing that demand and the high traffic growth that it entails would require data transfer speeds ten times higher than those offered by 4G, as well as increases in bandwidths. Is it possible that mobile radio access (RAT) technology? for bands of millimeter waves is essential to achieve this goal?

The telecommunication companies are developing prototypes of 5G millimeter waves for mobile telephony.

The main suppliers of infrastructures and equipment, research centers and universities - together with some SMEs - from Europe were associated in the MMMAGIC project. to develop a mobile radio access technology (RAT) for millimeter wave bands that meet the specific challenges of communication and provide the performance and energy efficiency needed to provide 5G services.

The 19-member consortium has demonstrated the feasibility and usefulness of its technical solutions, and has contributed to generating confidence in the continuous research and development of the 5G Millimeter Wave systems.

"In summary, the consortium has provided tools for optimizing the design of millimeter wave solutions for 5G, designs and prototypes of architectural factors that make 5G systems possible, as well as elements that contribute decisively to regulation and so-called 3GPP and ITU-R standards. They processed no less than eleven patents during the last two years. "

It has managed to connect with a broad 5G community in the research, regulation and standardization bodies. The availability of technology has been promoted and has influenced the use of high frequency bands for new generation mobile multimedia systems. For example, they have already started several trials in the 26-28 GHz band in Europe at the beginning of 2017. In particular, Samsung and Arqiva launched the first field trial of Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) 5G technology in the United Kingdom and Europe in bands of 28 GHz Millimeter Waves ".

The MMMAGIC project, already completed, has provided new millimeter wave products and services. Two project partners - IMDEA Networks Institute and Telefonica I + D - founded the 5G 5TONIC innovation laboratory, an initiative in which the conclusions of mmMAGIC will be used to perform tests and experiments on wireless 5G and Millimeter Waves.

In parallel, the partner universities have already obtained funding in the framework of new projects: the University of Aalto (Finland) will implement small millimeter wave cells for a smart city project, the University of Bristol (United Kingdom) will focus on the use From millimetric wave technology from the track to the train and in communications between vehicles, the Technical University of Dresden (Germany) is developing a demonstration of cognitive radio in millimeter wave frequencies, and the Chalmers Technological University (Sweden) has put A five-year research center on millimeter-wave technologies called ChaseOn is underway. (Source: IMDEA Networks Institute)

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