Goodbye to Samsung: LG will begin manufacturing iPhone screens this year -


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Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Goodbye to Samsung: LG will begin manufacturing iPhone screens this year

This 2017 has closed for LG in a very positive way, thanks to its smartphones that have achieved significant sales figures, and also an important recognition in the mobile phone market. In addition, the end of the year, or rather the beginning of the new year, brings with it a news of great relevance for the South Korean company.

And it is that if until now it was the second supplier of OLED screens of Apple, delivering to the Cupertino a significant number of components, located between 32 and 45 million units, in 2018 will become the main provider of screens for the iPhone with the importance that this supposes.

With the expiration of the contract that Apple has with Samsung for the supply of screens for their mobile devices, LG may have a huge business opportunity before their eyes. According to many rumors, the talks between LG and the company led by Tim Cook began in July 2017 and would be very close to fruition satisfactorily.

According to what has transpired, at the moment LG would be responsible for the 6.5-inch screens, OLED type , that we would see in the new iPhone that will be presented throughout 2018, and will be in 2019 when they become the main supplier. It is expected that by that date the company of South Korean origin will be able to supply Apple with all the screens it needs for its mobile terminals.

At the moment it is important to take all this information with caution, and although LG Display seems to have placed itself in a good position to be the main official supplier of OLED screens for Apple , we have seen how in previous occasions this type of negotiations are going to the fret We will see in a few days or weeks where the future of Apple, LG and especially the OLED screens of the iPhone is heading.

Do you think that LG Display will become a fundamental partner for Apple thanks to its OLED screens? Tell us your opinion in the space reserved for the comments of this post or through any of the social networks, where we are eager to know your opinion on this topic.

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