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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Goodbye WhatsApp: Telegram would launch its own cryptocurrency

The blockchain revolution is far from over. All financial institutions are preparing as fast as they can to face a completely unexpected threat to many, born from the same place that completely revolutionized commerce, the network.

These last weeks, for example, we have seen as the greatest exponent of this revolution and the first practical example of what until a few years ago was only a theory, Bitcoin, exceeded $ 11,000. And thanks to this, there are more and more organizations that decide to start their own cryptocurrency .

In no time, one of these organizations could be Telegram. The responsible for the development of one of the largest and most secure instant messaging applications could be about to launch a new cryptocurrency for its users: the Gram.

The developer would be creating a network known as TON, or Telegram Open Network that would allow, among other things, transfer money between users of the application without even depending on an external bank. And everything with a speed and security even better than what they already offer for their messaging platform.

For now, we only know that it would be launched this year, and that a portfolio of this service would be provided to all Telegram users, making this currency the most widespread cryptocurrency in the world. At least, if the information offered in the video that you can see above is correct.

We will inform you if the developers make any statement regarding this future novelty, so try to follow us on our social networks . We never know how we could become rich, maybe the Gram is our great opportunity.

And you, have you already bet on some cryptocurrency?
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