Google Play Store will evaluate the space on your mobile and will alert you if it is running out -


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Sunday, 28 January 2018

Google Play Store will evaluate the space on your mobile and will alert you if it is running out

Google Play Store is testing a new method to save space on your Android mobile, and has tried to give Android users the necessary tools to gain useful space on their devices. For this management to be simple to achieve, Google seems to be sending a new way of doing it from the Play Store.

The new news is that Google Play Store will now have an evaluation of the space available on your Android phone, and can alert users when the space is near to run out.
In addition to the alert, the Google Play Store will allow you to directly eliminate the least used applications, giving that possibility to the user, all within the app store,

One of the biggest concerns that smartphone users have is the free storage space of their smartphone and how this conditions the use of the equipment. As a rule, the first solution is simple and goes through the removal of applications that do not use, in addition to this, Gogle continues working to give users the possibility of having more free space.

They started in Google Photos, with the possibility of saving images in the Cloud, and then continued with Files Go , which allows to manage files and clean up space by removing applications, documents, photos and other elements that are not used.

With this new section of Google Play Store you can get rid of the applications that you use the least when you need more space for something else. This is not something for high-end terminals, although these will also have the option to use it.

Another new feature is the management of subscriptions in a single location. This is the possibility that service subscriptions are grouped into a single separator and can be managed from there.

These new features are still limited to some users, probably in the tests, but soon Google will be extended to other smartphones.

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