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Thursday, 18 January 2018

High-end fun with the 10 best games for the iPhone 2018!

Finding the best games for the iPhone is not easy, the options are almost unlimited !. But not all available games are worthwhile, so here we tell you which are better games for the iPhone, with old and new titles for players with all kinds of tastes.

The larger screens, together with the success of the App Store, make this cell phone a great platform to have fun with the best games for the iPhone
1-. Dragon Hills 2 ($ 3 dollars): Fight against the zombie apocalypse riding a mechanical dragon. Discover land of dragons, giants, zombies and more, all while you slide through the hills and destroy whatever is in your way. Download it here

2-. Marvel: Contest of Champions (Free): Your favorite superheroes and villains face off in their last battle. You can form your own team or create one with friends to form an alliance. Throughout the game, you also have the opportunity to expand your character group, level up and receive synergy bonuses. Download it here

3-.Ocmo ($ 5 dollars: It's a somewhat dark game: you have the task of killing ragdolls while controlling Ocmo in different environments.) As you advance, the obstacles become increasingly difficult, navigating through Ocmo towards the Rabbits, (without killing Ocmo himself) With 80 levels and more than ten hours of play, you will have plenty of time to get to know the little creature and how to successfully complete each level.

4-. Life is Strange ($ 3 dollars) : You will follow the story of Max Caulfield, who is with his best friend investigating the disappearance of a student in his high school. The five-part episodic game allows you to rewind time, which then affects the past, the present and the future. Launched in 2015 on PC and consoles, it is now available for iOS now. Download it here

5-. Limbo ($ 4 dollars): It 's an impressive saga about a guy who walks through an industrial jungle. There is no explanation, there is no dialogue but many horrendous surprises. It's the kind of game that leaves you speechless for hours until something sounds and suddenly you realize how simple the answer was. Download it here

Best games for the iPhone!

6- Vikings: an Archer's Journey ($ 3 dollars) : You control the character Nott, a Valkyrie who has been sent to the Underworld by the Viking gods. You must use your archery skills to conquer the enemies that appear along the way. Download it here

7- Old Man's Journey ($ 5 dollars): You will follow the Elder - Old Man - as he travels across the country, helping him on the road, interacting with the objects and people who cross it. The magnificent places, which are given life thanks to wonderful drawings and animations, will ensure that your attention never deviates from history. Download it here

8-. Frost ($ 5 dollars): It's a visually dazzling puzzle game full of vibrant colors and powerful background music. Within each level you are presented with an orb of a specific color, along with a swarm of other colors. Depending on the color of the orb, your job is to guide the same color within the swarm towards the orb. Since the game does not say anything specific about what your mission is, part of the challenge will be discovering it as you progress from one level to another. Download it here

9-. hocus ($ 1 dollar): Presents 100 levels of mental challenge to solve. Based on the drawings of the graphic artist MC Esche, each puzzle is made up of minimalist 3D figures in the form of cubes or lines. As an added benefit, there is also relaxing music and background sounds. Download it here

10-. GNOG ($ 5 dollars) : Here you can interact with each puzzle through different movements: pull, slide, grab, press, click and rotate. With each movement, you discover what is hidden inside each monster head. The game also has optional augmented reality support, which allows you to bring each toy to life on a flat surface. Download it here

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