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Sunday, 28 January 2018

How to create a QR code to quickly access your home Wi-Fi

In all these years, surely you have had to enter the key of your Wi-Fi network on your devices for some reason, either because they are new and need to access the internet, or because you have decided to improve the security of your net. And precisely because of that, surely you have asked yourself why there is no one capable of devising a security system that allows access to the network without having to waste time entering an absurdly long password.

Let's not even talk about those moments when you are invited to your home, and you are forced to share your network with them. You just have to check one by one that all of them have put the key correctly and that none are trying to connect to the neighbor's Wi-Fi. Especially since it was considered that the WPS was not a secure system. Well, with the tool that today we are going to teach you that's over.

Thanks to the web page that you will find here , you can create a personalized QR code that contains all the data of your Wi-Fi network, and that also serves as a direct access to it. Of course, the ideal is that you use this type of methods only for guest networks, or that you keep the codes created in safe places, to prevent unauthorized people from entering the network.

Also, thanks to iOS 11, you can use the code without installing an additional app. You only have to use the camera and point to the QR that you have created, at the moment you do it, a notification will be activated that will ask you if you want to connect to the network to which the image is linked. That way you will not have to deal with marabuntas of numbers and letters.

And you, do you share the Wi-Fi with your guests?

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