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Saturday, 20 January 2018

How to get Apple Watch to monitor your heart rate well

When we acquire a medical device, the first thing we ask is precision, and that is that we talk about something that could have an impact on our health and on those who are going to use it, for this reason, there are different certifications that ensure that these products work as they appear. To begin, we wanted to remind you that the Apple Watch does not have any certification that accredits it as a device for medical use.

For the same reason, you can allow (but should not) that errors occur as we will help you solve today, related to the heart rate measurement system that has the clock. And, since the last version of the operating system, which included changes in this regard, it seems that it is giving enough problems to some users in situations such as the daily exercise session we recorded with the Apple Watch.

In WatchOS 4, some new functions were added that allowed to improve the monitoring of the heart rate in different situations, at rest, walking ... In addition, an alarm was added with which users could detect possible arrhythmias. The issue is that, it is causing various problems and, for now, they seem to need a new update . However, there are some details that you can take care of to make the measurement as accurate as possible.

Some of these tips are, for example, correctly adjust your watch so that the sensor is always in contact with the wrist, without being too tight. You must also have active the Wrist Detection function, which is in the Watch app, in the My Clock Code section, otherwise, the sensor will not take measurements in the background, which means that you can not have the measurements in rest, for example.

And, of course, it is also necessary to take into account the blood perfusion, in other words, the amount of blood that flows through your skin, which is what the sensor tries to capture. In certain environments, at low temperatures, the perfusion may be too low for the sensor to capture. This, together with other factors such as tattoos, or our own movement, can greatly affect the performance of the sensor.

And you, have you achieved that your watch works correctly?

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