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Thursday, 18 January 2018

How to make a backup in iCloud (2017)

iCloud is the cloud storage service that Apple provides to all users who want one of their devices. The truth is that we always come complaining about the little free space provided by the company of the apple bitten in the cloud , they are only 5 GB.

And although the truth, and although it is not a lot of space, it may be enough for you to store the backup copy there , completely necessary when you want to restore the device without losing any data. Today we are going to show you how to back up and store it in this cloud service.

How to back up in iCloud

You can configure your device to make only one backup every day. It's very simple, you just have to make the following adjustments in the route Settings [Name]> iCloud .

Then, scroll down and make sure that the Copy slip in iCloud dials "Yes". Activate it in case it is not like that.

Once this is done, you must activate the copy saved in iCloud, since you can also store it locally on a computer. Activate the "Copy in iCloud" button .

Finally click on "Back up now" and wait for it to be done. If the level of the battery is low, it will ask you to connect the power cable, and logically you must have an Internet connection so that the copy is saved in the cloud. Do not forget to do it with a Wi-Fi network .

Normally, the time of making this copy is usually not very high, it is a matter of two or three minutes. Once the copy has been made and is correctly uploaded, the date it was made will appear . As we said at the beginning, a copy is automatically made every day so that in case of need you have the most recent version possible.

What is saved in the iCloud backup?

Your fundamental information that you have that moment in the device, in such a way that you can recover almost everything was at that moment on the iPhone or iPad . In any case, we detail it to you.

  •     Photos and videos.
  •     Adjustments
  •     Apps and their organization, desktop background and ringtones.
  •     Messaging and call records
  •     Health Data and configuration of HomeKit 

The best way to have everything safe is therefore making your backup, and if you save it in iCloud are all advantages , by not having to be dependent on the computer where you have saved it.

We hope that this simple tutorial has been to your liking, do not forget to visit us every day to not miss any useful content from the Apple world.

Via | Manzana 

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