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Sunday, 28 January 2018

How to make Siri read you the news

Apple released the final version of iOS 11.2.5 a few days ago, implementing stability improvements, bug fixes, security patches and some interesting new features such as the one discussed below.

As of now, with iOS 11.2.5, it is possible that Siri has the ability to read news to users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. You can even ask the iOS virtual assistant to filter limited news to specific categories such as sports, business or music.

In this article we will explain, step by step, how this new feature works for Siri to read the news on iPhone and iPad.

Important: Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available in Spain at present. But Apple is expected to implement new languages ​​soon.
How to use "Siri News" on iPhone and iPad

The new functionality of Siri is called "Siri News" and is designed for situations in which the user can not use their hands on the terminal screen or simply does not have the device at their fingertips.

Siri News is officially available in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. If you live in a country whose language is not yet compatible, you will still be able to use the function, but only news in English will be provided.

How does it work

For Siri to read the news, you must activate the voice assistant (only using the voice command "Hey Siri") and ask for this:

    _ "Hey Siri, play some news."

In this way, Siri will open the Podcasts application in the background and play the most recent podcast you were listening to.

On the other hand, you can have it read news from other sources using the following voice commands:

    "Hey Siri, read news from CNN."
    "Hey Siri, what news is there about business."
    "Hey Siri, tell me the sports news."

Obviously, the commands are adapted to our language, but you can use Siri News in English.

Siri News for iOS 11.2.5 supports the following news sources:

  •     ABC
  •     Apple Music
  •     BBC
  •     Bloomberg
  •     CNBC
  •     CNN
  •     ESPN
  •     Fox News
  •     LBC
  •     NBC
  •     NPR
  •     SBS
  •     Seven Network
  •     Sky News
  •     The Washington Post 

It is noteworthy to mention again that Siri News will be available exclusively through the "Hey Siri" functionality and / or in hands-free mode with CarPlay, EarPods or AirPods .

Via | iDB 

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