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Friday, 12 January 2018

How to manage the battery replacement of your iPhone

In response to the sounded batterygate , Apple initiated Apple's battery replacement plan by the end of 2017, which will run throughout 2018 . If your device falls within this plan, it goes without saying that it is a great opportunity for you to change the battery for only 29 euros , increasing both the autonomy and the performance of the device. To give you an idea, the standard price of this procedure was 89 euros.

If you plan to do so, we explain step by step how to start the procedures of this measure initiated after Apple's public apology and the succession of international millionaire demands .

What iPhone are included in the battery replacement program?

Are susceptible to change your battery for 29 euros the following models:

  •     Iphone 6
  •     iPhone 6 Plus
  •     iPhone 6s
  •     iPhone 6s Plus
  •     iPhone SE
  •     iPhone 7
  •     iPhone 7 Plus 

Some premises 

According to the procedure followed by Apple, are committed to replace the battery of your device regardless of the deterioration , which means that whether you have many cycles or if you just have a couple of months of wear, you change it without questions . If you have doubts, check the status of your battery .

In addition, Apphe has asserted that only one battery will change per device , so if you had thought about replacing it now and later this year, it will not be possible .

How to start the battery replacement procedure?

If you have an Apple Store nearby , the process is as simple as approaching it to process it . If it is very busy, it is a good idea to make an appointment from the web.

And if you are not close or prefer to manage everything from home, we will have to browse the Apple website from the Support section and from there select iPhone> Battery, power and charge > Battery replacement . Here we see 4 ways to start the process: By phone, chat, send to repair or take it to repair. In all cases you will be required to have your Apple ID and IMEI .

Before taking it to repair ...

We recommend that you make a backup of your device and that you deactivate Find my iPhone . Apple warns that repairs can take up to 5 business days, so it may be a good idea to get a spare phone in the meantime. 

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