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Tuesday, 9 January 2018

How to maximize the battery life of your Apple Watch

To this day, it is still difficult to find a good smart watch capable of holding a decent amount of time without having to be carrying it. At least, if you are not looking for a watch like the Apple Watch, because, with Series 3 already in our wrists, the truth is that it has improved a lot in this aspect.

Although it seems that the market for smart watches is stagnating, and that there is no room for improvement, there is still much to be done to achieve the device that we all want to have, especially so that it can be compared to one of the classics. But Apple is making great progress in this regard, and for you to see how long your watch can stand, the company has shared a series of tricks that will come great to all users.

The most important thing so that your Apple Watch is a most efficient machine, is that it is updated to the latest version of WatchOS. It may seem silly, but many times we forget to do it, and then the problems begin. To know if you have the latest version, you just have to access the Watch app, select General, and then Software Update.

It is also possible that, wanting our device to be as accurate as possible, we have activated some more settings . For example, we can activate a low power mode for long-term workouts in the Watch app, My watch, Training, and Deactivate sensor. It will not tell us the calories as well as before, but we will prevent our watch from shivering at the end of the workout.

If you are one of those who do not stop moving, you will have noticed that your watch is activated without you needing it . This setting is by default, and leaving it activated can cause the watch to activate the screen unnecessarily, with the consequent battery drain. You can deactivate this function in the Apple Watch itself, from the Settings, General app, and selecting Activate when Raising the Wrist.

On the other hand, you should learn to always leave Bluetooth activated on your iPhone. If you do not, the watch will try to connect to the phone via Wi-Fi, increasing consumption. And if you wanted another utility for this feature of your watch, you might want to know that you can link to an external Bluetooth chest strap from the Apple Watch Settings menu, in the Bluetooth section.

Finally, a couple of tips to keep your iPhone battery always ready and fully controlled. Try taking a look from time to time at the Battery Usage from the Watch app on the iPhone, General section, My Use. And if you charge your watch with the computer (always on, of course) and you see that it does not load correctly, Then maybe it's time to stop using the computer to charge the watch, or contact Apple's technical support.

How long is your Apple Watch battery?

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