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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

How to migrate from Android to iPhone (2018)

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet and you are thinking about making the switch to iOS because you want to acquire (or have already purchased) an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod touch, you will be interested in knowing how to migrate all your most important data.

That's right, Apple allows you to transfer all your files, your data, your applications, your contacts, your messages, your photos and your videos between Android and iOS in a simple, easy, comfortable and very efficient way.

The only thing you will need to do is download an application called Move to iOS that is available in the Google Play Store, of course, it's free.

How to pass your data from Android to iPhone

Before starting the tutorial on the operation of the Move to iOS application, it is worth noting the requirements you need to transfer all your data from an Android terminal:

    iOS 9 (or later versions)
    iPhone 5 (or later models)
    iPad 4 (or later models)
    iPad mini (or later models)
    6th generation iPod touch
    Android 4.0 (or later versions)

Move to iOS

It is important that your Android smartphone has the Wi-Fi option activated and its battery is fully or partially charged.

1. In your new iPhone, press the option "Transfer data from Android" in the initial configuration of your terminal.

2. Next, download the Move to iOS application.

3. Open the Move to iOS application and press the "Continue" button.

4. Accept the terms and conditions of use.

5. On your new iOS device, press the "Continue" button and wait for the ten- or six-digit code to appear.

 Enter the same code of your new iPhone on your Android device .

7. Select the content you want to transfer from your Android device:

  •     Contacts
  •     Message history
  •     Mail accounts
  •     Photographs
  •     Videos
  •     Favorite web pages
  •     Calendars
  •     Applications 

8. Set up your new iPhone when the process of transferring data from Android ends.

Without a doubt, it is an extremely simple process. Although it is curious that Apple has designed an application specifically for this and Google has allowed its availability in your app store. 

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