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Thursday, 18 January 2018

How to pass calls from iPhone to iPad and vice versa

One of the great advantages that Apple offers us when introducing us completely into its ecosystem is the ability to fully synchronize our devices through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and of course, through our Apple ID. To this set of functionalities, we call it Continuity , and as the name itself indicates, it consists of being able to move quickly between the products, according to what we need.

Within this continuity, a function related to calls is included. In this case, we can quickly transfer them to our Mac, our watch, or, as in this case, to our iPad . Today, we will teach you how to configure it and use it correctly.
Necessary configuration on the iPhone and iPad

To begin, you should check that certain settings are enabled on your devices. In either case, these are usually activated by default , so that normally no change is necessary.

In order to activate the functionality of transferring calls, we will have to go on the iPhone to the Phone section, which is in the Settings app. Once there, go to calls in other disp. and select all the devices that you want to use.

In the case of the iPad, we will have to go back to the Settings app, but in this case, we will select the Facetime section, given that the iPad does not have the Phone app as such and this is its substitute in the configuration. Now, enable the Call option from the iPhone . Of course, the Apple ID must be the same on both devices.

How to use this function 

Now that it is activated in both devices, we just have to remember that this function requires that both be in the same Wi-Fi network , and have Bluetooth enabled. When we receive and make a call, we have the option to choose the Audio in the iPhone menu, from where we will select the iPad (which must be unlocked and with the active screen) to which we want to transfer it. When we want to recover it, we will only have to choose the iPhone in the previous menu.

And you, have you already tried this function? 

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