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Saturday, 20 January 2018

How to recover the Apple ID password

If you are reading this it will probably be because you need to recover the password of your Apple account . The truth is that Internet users have so many accounts on social networks, in applications, services, platforms and web pages that sometimes it can be quite an odyssey to remember a specific password.

Do not remember the password of your Apple ID? Are you having problems logging in? Do not worry, do not panic. We show you how to recover the password of your Apple ID through a few simple steps.

This way you can reset the password directly on your terminal and regain access to your Apple ID without any problem.

How to recover the password of your Apple account

1. First, you must reset the password. Access this web page to enter the administration section of your Apple ID.

2. Next, select the option "Have you forgotten your Apple ID or password?".

3. Next, you will have to write your Apple ID and click on the "Next" button.

4. Once this is done, you will have three options to reset your password:

    Answer security questions
    Use email authentication
    Use verification in two steps.

Authentication by email

The fastest, most convenient and effective option is usually email authentication . Apple will send you an email giving you the opportunity to reset the password easily.

Answer security questions

As for the option to answer the security questions , it is very possible that you no longer remember what the questions were, so much less the answers. Otherwise, select this option if you have them pointed somewhere.
Verification in two steps

Finally, the verification in two steps will allow you to enter a recovery key, then you must select a trusted device and Apple will send a verification code to that terminal. Afterwards, you can reset your password.

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