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Monday, 22 January 2018

How to restore an iPhone backup with iCloud (2018)

In certain occasions it is convenient to restore the iPhone or iPad from a backup. It is a very comfortable possibility when, for example, we change terminals, or in cases where we have deleted the contents of the phone and decided to have it back as it was .

Today we will explain in a clear and simple way how you can perform this operation, although we will focus on doing it from iCloud , the storage service in the cloud that Apple makes available to us.

After having made the backup, and have left the iPhone as new or in the case where we change terminals, we will follow the following steps .
How to restore a backup from iCloud

    The first thing is to turn on the device, and go completing the options that are requested, such as the country, footprint, or unlock code. You will reach the Apps and data screen , and once there, click on Restore from an iCloud backup .
    The next step is to log in to iCloud with your Apple ID , you know, the email with which you identify yourself with Apple.
    Once this is done, you should select a backup copy. Normally there are several different ones , choose the one that suits you best, or the last one if you want to have it as you left it for the last time.

    Now it will be time to wait a few minutes for the copy to download. You may be asked for your Apple ID and password again if you have paid applications in that backup. Remember that a Wi-Fi network is necessary to carry out the process .
    Once the copy is completed, the applications will continue to download and this process can last several hours, depending on the number of them that you had in the backup.

And that's how you can have your device as new again by restoring the backup from iCloud. Remember that we bring you the most complete tutorials so that the Apple ecosystem is not foreign to you.

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