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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

How to restore an iPhone backup with iTunes (2018)

If there is something that we can consider as disastrous, it is losing the data stored on the iPhone or iPad . That's why we always recommend having all device data safely in a backup.

We already told you how to make a backup using iTunes and your computer. Now we are going to show you how to restore this copy to your device , do not worry because it is very simple to do, take note.

What do you need to restore a backup with iTunes?

Well logically you should use the same computer in which you saved your backup . You should also have iTunes installed , which is the program with which you will manage the restoration. You need your USB cable and the device to which you want to apply the restoration, with the latest version of iOS that it supports. Let's go to work.

How to restore an iPhone backup with iTunes

    Open iTunes on the computer you used to back up the device. Connect the device to the computer with your USB cable, either Lightning or the 30-pin if it's an iPhone 4s or earlier.

    If the message "Trust this computer?" Appears, click on "Trust", or if the device asks for the code, enter it.

Select your device when it appears in iTunes. If the device does not appear in iTunes, try another cable. If it fails, check the Apple website .

ITunes may ask you to deactivate the Find my iPhone option. If so, on the device follow the path Settings> Your name> iCloud> Find my iPhone> and give No.

  •      Select Restore backup in iTunes. If you see several backup copies, choose the one you want or the most recent one.
  •     Click on Restore and wait for the restoration to finish. If you encrypted the copy, enter the password.
  •     Keep the device connected until after it is restarted and then wait for the synchronization to finish. Restored copy on your device. 

With these simple steps it is possible to enjoy a backup that you have stored on your computer on your device . Do not miss any of our tutorials and you'll get to know everything you can do with your iPhone or iPad.

Via | Manzana 

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