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Wednesday, 17 January 2018

How to speed up an iPhone that is desperately slow

It must be recognized, when it comes to witnessing major corporate disasters, there is nothing similar to Apple's. The Californian company, as always when there is a similar case, has tried to stop the chaos with all the means at its disposal, and weeks later, you can already notice how the memory is already beginning to disappear. However, with the batterygate, users are having certain "side effects". Like, for example, feeling your phone slower than normal.

Of course, after what has happened, it is perfectly normal that this happens, after all, there is no precise method that allows us to know if our device is affected. In any case, if we can give it some more speed, if the flies. For this, we leave you some tricks that we hope will help you recover the fluidity that they sold us when we bought the iPhone.

No, closing the apps will not work

Yes, it has been said many times, but it is worth repeating it for all those who have not finished understanding it. Although the phone allows us to close the applications that we have open from the multitasking menu, the truth is that it is not too recommendable . If you close them, and you are forced to open them again, the device will have to use a greater amount of energy, plus it will slow down slightly.

Remember, if it is necessary to close an app, the system will close them automatically without the need for the user to intervene.

Update your iPhone, there is no excuse for not doing it

At this point we will end up having to apologize for having repeated it so many times, but we will not tire of doing it. In order for your iPhone to work properly and be protected against vulnerabilities that arise, you must keep your system updated . To do this, you must access the Settings app, and in General select Software Update.

If you do not use an app, delete it

Sounds pretty obvious, but all those applications that you keep installed on your phone are hurting the overall performance of it, regardless of whether you use them or not. Many of them, in fact could have continued to work in the background, affecting the battery's autonomy, therefore, we recommend that, from time to time, you make a selection of the apps that you no longer need .

Update your apps at your own pace, not the App Store

Apple products have a very specific function that can be quite annoying in certain cases. When buying certain apps or content, these can be installed automatically on all compatible devices linked by the "Automatic Download", even though you do not use them. To avoid this, you have to access the iTunes and App Store menu found in Settings, and disable all the automatic downloads that we find.

iOS is very dynamic, limits its animations

One of the great virtues of iOS is its design, and the dynamism it has. Their animations, fluid as those of few devices, are a pleasure that normally is usually available to those who have the most recent terminals. However, they are as beautiful as they are harmful , and we can get rid of them from Settings, General, Accessibility, Reduce Movement.

Clean temporary files on your phone

Many times we do not realize the amount of trash we store in our, but just take a look at the history to begin to realize that something is not right. In theory, only some apps allow it, but it is not very clear what they are, so you will have to review it in Settings, in the menu of each one. To start with, you could take a walk through Safari, which will always be a good start.

Hey Siri, stop bothering, please

Yes, Siri can be as useful as you want, but it must be recognized that many times it is not enough in conversations, however, that is not a problem. The problem is that he is always trying to find out what we want to do next, with the expense of resources that implies. To deactivate the suggestions, you can access the Siri menu and Search in Settings, and change the status of Search and Consult Suggestions.

When you restart, Apple helps

Leaving aside the absurd subtitle that I left for this section, and that is the result of a bad break, I recommend that you do not pass to your iPhone for the same. Many times, the problems of the phones are solved by restarting them , starting over again and cleaning up all the load that has been supporting since the last time we did it. Therefore, it would not hurt if you tried to turn it off and on again.

If everything fails ...

Well, there is always a last resort for those cases in which despair has consumed us. That's right, reset the device, eliminating all the data you may have inside and returning it to the starting line to start with more energy than ever. To do this, you just have to enter the General section of the Settings app, and select Reset, then choose Delete contents and settings.

And you, have you tried to follow the steps that we have recommended?

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