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Saturday, 27 January 2018

How to talk to several WhatsApp contacts without creating a group

I hate WhatsApp groups . I can not help it Maybe if I only had 3 or 4 with different people it would be better. But my friends love to create groups for almost every event: carnivals, someone's birthday, Christmas dinner, trip, Padel ... so it's not unusual to find 10 groups in which the same people are more or less. Of course, in the end we only speak for one.

Besides, I do not like to leave. The silence several hours and sooner or later end up falling to the bottom. Is it really necessary to create groups for everything? Perhaps this question corresponds more to them than to you. But maybe you hate them too.

Do not get confused, in essence the groups seem wonderful to me : they allow us to share information, debate and do it in a place where we read it all at the same time. Maybe it's their abuse that makes me despair.

That's why today we want to show you a very useful tool too, but terribly wasted. With it we can send our messages to a group of people without having to make groups and get lost in sterile messages . A group where only the important thing is, something ideal for labor issues for example.

WhatsApp broadcast lists

What is a WhatsApp broadcast list?

It is a saved list of contacts to send messages to a group of contacts at the same time without having to look for them each time you want to send a message. The recipients will receive the message as a normal message and will be able to respond, but only to you. Remember: they can not interact with each other .

And the main difference compared to a classic group is that the recipients do not know who else has received the message, so they can not talk to each other. Privacy to the maximum.

How to create a WhatsApp Broadcast List

1) In WhatsApp go to Chats and look for Broadcast Lists , it is in the upper left area.

2) Select New list .

3) Go adding the contacts of your list.

4) Click on create. You already have a new broadcast list.

In broadcast lists you can send the same as in a normal chat : audios, photos, videos, locations, etc.

How to edit a WhatsApp Broadcast List

If you try and like it, you will see how soon you want to make more lists, incorporating new people, deleting them ... Modifying the diffusion lists is easy fast.

1) In WhatsApp go to Chats and open Broadcast Lists .

2) Click on the "i" of the list you want to modify.

3) You can now add more contacts or change the name.

How to delete a WhatsApp Broadcast List

Still easier and faster.

1) In WhatsApp go to the Chats screen and open Broadcast Lists .

2) When you see the lists you have, swipe the one you want to delete to the left.

3) Click on Delete to confirm the operation.

We recommend that you give them an opportunity to take advantage of all their advantages. You will see how you do not regret it.

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