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Sunday, 21 January 2018

How to turn your iPhone into a 360 degree camera

CES 2018, like every year, offers us a huge amount of interesting technological innovations, some of the most crazy and others very useful as is the case of the one we present in this article. We are talking about the new Insta360 Nano S that turns, in the simplest way you can imagine, your iPhone into a 360 degree camera.

The options given to us by this new accessory, which replaces the problematic Insta360 Nano in the market, are those of recording videos in 360 degrees with 4K resolution , transmitting them live through Facebook or taking photographs with a resolution of up to 20 megapixels.

Among the problems that are solved with this new version of the accessory is the possibility of reading the fins, in an understandable language, and not in Chinese, the option of using a timer, which was not present in the first version and finally has been simplified the process to follow to perform live broadcasts .

All these improvements come without compromising the quality of the image, which remains exceptional . To do this, multiple photographs are taken, which overlap one another to create a perfect joint image. Depending on the camera we acquire, the so-called seams of the photograph, may be noticed more or less, but with this Insta360 Nano S, it is difficult to find a fault or defect in the photographs.

Another point to note is the application that controls the camera , which we remember fits into the iPhone in a simple and uncomplicated way, and that allows us to handle the accessory in a simple way, but also allows us to organize our photographs, edit them and a lots more options that have no waste.

Possibly the only negative thing that we can find in this Insta360 Nano S is its price, which rises to $ 239 on Amazon , although this price may vary on arrival in other countries, and especially when it comes to converting the price to other currencies.

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