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Wednesday, 31 January 2018

How to use iMessage with iCloud and take advantage of its advantages

With the appearance of iOS 11.3 , still in beta, we have discovered some of its features , such as a feature that tells you when you should replace the battery if your device is old, four new animojis and messages in iCloud .

And you should know that iCloud, with its free 5 GB pyrrhic storage, is Apple's cloud service . In it you can store the backup copies of your devices, as well as documents or photographs. Well, from now on you can also store the messages, recognize them, save those that make us tick or make us feel something special. Do you want to know how to activate this option? Discover it with us.

How to use messages in iCloud on iOS 11.3

    The steps to follow are very easy. For them, you must enter the settings, and once done, click on your name. Below it appears the Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes Store and App Store .

    Once you have clicked, you will go to a screen like the one shown below, click on iCloud.

 You only have to download a little, under the heading labeled "APPS USING ICLOUD" and check the option "Messages".

This way you will have a copy of any message in your Apple cloud. Come on, remember again that talk you had with that person and for whatever reason was special. Messages are stored in iCloud and will be available on any device, including new ones associated with that Apple ID.

And is that iOS 11.3 promises to give more functionality to the user, since the release of iOS 11 does not seem to have been very flattering for most of them . The explosion of the batterygate did nothing but annoy many who saw their devices slow down quickly, worth the paradox. Does Apple have an amendment purpose?

Via | cultofmac 

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