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Monday, 22 January 2018

I am the biggest: the new announcement of the iPhone X

Since Apple opened its own YouTube channel , the truth is that they do not stop uploading content. Whether educational to learn to take advantage of our pots , or in this case, to announce something.

And is that in the last announcement just up, we talk about the benefits of the front camera of the iPhone X. A device that will continue to speak and is very applauded for various reasons, including their cameras.

And in this announcement, which is little more than 30 seconds long, it is the late boxer Muhammad Ali who practically narrates it. And is that the famous "I am the greatest" , or "I am the greatest" popularized by the American boxer, is repeated as a mantra during the announcement.

And is that Apple has introduced the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X vertical lighting in its famous portrait mode, introduced in the iPhone 7 Plus, a way to enhance the photographs with four different types of effects . Well, the iPhone X brings this system to the front camera, since the iPhone 8 Plus is only available with the back.

The ad shows a series of selfies made with the iPhone X, following the typical pattern of the house, people of all ages and races . And it is that the portrait mode causes sensation, and gets that any person, hardly without photographic knowledge, can make snapshots with much artistic value.

The Cupertino are clear, the iPhone X camera can do wonders, and making the words of the crying Ali, is the best. Do you think that, indeed, Apple has taken a giant step with its portrait mode? We will love to know in comments.

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