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Thursday, 11 January 2018

If you can not update or download an app, try these 9 things

The Apple App Store is an application store with a huge amount of programs. Since it came out in 2008, it has not stopped growing in terms of volume and variety of applications and games. We can find it of all types and conditions.

Although sometimes you find some inconvenience at the time of downloading any, loading problems or updates that resist. It's time to start up these 9 tips to get that stuck app flowing properly .

Connect to a Wi-Fi network

Depending on the country you are in, you will not be able to download more than 150 MB apps using your mobile data network. Find a wireless network to connect to.
Pause and restart

If you see that the application does not download, click on it to pause it. Click again on it to restart the download, this may work.
Restart the iPhone

Many times it is a very effective option, press and hold the side button and when the slider appears turn it off. Once turned on again, check again.
Check storage

You may not have enough space for that app. Use the iTunes trick to free up storage.

See if there are restrictions

The restrictions allow some features of your device are not available, such as visiting certain websites or downloading apps. Check it in Settings> General> Restrictions
Close and sign in on the App Store

You can try going to Settings> iTunes and App Store> Apple ID> Log out , and once done, start it again. It may be the solution to the problem.
Delete the app and install it again

Make a long press on the app and when it starts to tremble click on the cross . Try to download it again.

Clean the App Store cache

Very simple and effective. In the bottom bar of the App Store, press ten times in a row to free the cache.
Restore factory iPhone or iPad

The final solution If that app you want to download and resist is worth it, make a factory reset and configure the device as new, that is, without restoring any saved backup . 

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