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Friday, 5 January 2018

If you have Android Oreo you can now install the portrait mode of Google Pixel 2

In recent months we have seen how more and more smart phone manufacturers have progressively included the double camera. This hardware configuration for the photographic section has become 'fashionable' with Portrait Mode, which is what they usually call it. And yet, Google has included in its terminals 'Portrait Mode', but with a single camera. Well, this same option can be installed already on other mobile phones with Android Oreo , although they only have one camera.

If you have Android Oreo as an operating system, you can port the "Portrait Mode" of Google Pixel on your device even if you have only one camera.
Both Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL have this unique portrait mode that is special, which takes advantage of a single camera and uses the software to make the bokeh effect, thanks to an ingenious mix of machine learning techniques, photography HDR and focus by phase detection. The camera of these terminals simulates the depth of field without capturing it with a second camera, but simply makes a processing of the Portrait Mode through the software

Now the community of Android programmers has managed to carry that effect to other phones. The key in all this is that they have managed to port the 'Portrait Mode' of the Google Pixel to other phones, with the only requirement that they have Android Oreo as the operating system. Therefore, not every device can enjoy it.

A few weeks ago, the exclusive HDR + mode of the Google Pixel was also available, but available for other smartphones. So with this application, thanks to which we can have the portrait mode in any other smartphone with Android Oreo, the option of taking pictures in this advanced high dynamic range mode has also been included. Therefore, it is a more than recommended camera app.

From these links we can download the camera application

Download Camera NX v7.3 for Google phones with Android Oreo.
Download Camera NX v7.3 for non-Google phones with Android Oreo.

The only problem in all this is that for the moment the Portrait Mode of the Google Pixel 2 have only managed to extract it to work in the main camera. The Mountain View firm has achieved excellent quality by also applying it on the front camera, but at least for the moment we can only make use of it using the back camera of our smartphone with Android Oreo.

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