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Saturday, 20 January 2018

If your iPhone 6 Plus needs a battery, maybe Apple will surprise you

The batterygate is causing a lot of problems for Apple, and not just bad press. When having to take measures to remedy all this disaster, the company did not take into account the possibility that more people than expected would know that their phones were being slowed down because of their batteries. And for that reason, just a few days after making a significant discount on the replacement program, they had to stop it for certain models.

In this way, the iPhone 6 Plus stopped having the possibility to temporarily access the battery change due to lack of supply , given that it is a model that is not currently in production, and there are limited units of its components, normally destined to the classic repairs. Now, to try to solve this problem, the Cupertino have planned a new strategy that many users are sure they are interested.

Thanks to an order issued by the technical service of Apple, users of certain specific models of the iPhone 6 Plus have been offered that are not known at the moment the possibility of making a complete replacement of their terminal instead of battery replacement. . As there is no more stock of these models for a few months, it has been decided to change the device for an iPhone 6s Plus , a welcome surprise.

Of course, the ideal would have been that none of this had happened, or that from the beginning the company had prepared everything to solve this problem at the time it came to light, something that would happen sooner or later. But, if the change is resulting not only in an improvement in performance (or rather, a recovery) but also in an improvement of benefits , then we do not have much to complain about either.

And you, do you request the change of the battery of your terminal?

Via | MacRumors 

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