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Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Improve photos on your iPhone with a simple trick

The standardization of smart phones and that integrate a multitude of devices in it, mean that on many occasions we have forgotten about the cameras . In any case the camera of a phone can compete with a compact, but for many users it is more than enough that of your iPhone to take a souvenir.

In my case, in 2006 I dared to dispense with digital camera and rely on my Sony Ericsson W800 to capture the images of a trip I made to Romania. And the results, believe me, were not all bad .

But of course, despite the improvement in terms of quality that these cameras offer us, they still have shortcomings . We remember that we can not compete with a professional camera for obvious reasons. But if we can give you a simple advice to improve photographs in low light conditions .

Improve your photos in low light

When shooting in these conditions, the photographs appear very noisy , with very grainy parts that have an ugly effect. It is obvious, the sensors of a smartphone can not capture as much light as a "real" camera. How can we improve this? Very easy.

For this we must adjust the exposure. What does it consist of? Well, to adjust the amount of light that enters the goal and thus achieve better snapshots. If you reduce the exposure you will take darker images , but the parts where there is more light will be much sharper, more detailed and with more intense colors, greatly improving the final balance of the photo.

Frame your photo and touch the point of light, which can be a lamppost, a square icon will appear on your iPhone that will show you that this area is focused. You will see that a slider appears with which you can adjust the amount of light collected by the sensor.

Mind you, this trick does not work miracles and if the conditions are not right, we will not get much, but it is a simple and simple trick that can make your photos, in complex conditions, much more pleasant.

Are you going to use it with your new iPhone? Post your results on our social networks.

Via | bussines insider 

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