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Thursday, 11 January 2018

In Android they download more apps, but iPhone users spend more money

The popular Apple application store has taken a renewed momentum with the staging of iOS 11. If it was already an attractive site, now it is much more with this new air that has taken .

Although there is one thing clear, the App Store does not have the volume of downloads that has the Play Star of Google even remotely. The figures are clearly favorable to androids , although anyway, the way of downloads apps and games from Apple users is something different.

When taking stock of this 2017, downloads of Google Play applications reached 64,000 million, 17.7 percent more than in the previous year. However, the App Store reached 28,000 million , with a growth of 6.7 percent, figures that are not bad.

However, there is another fact to take into account, iOS users spent about 38,500 million dollars in the App Store in 2017 , while those of Android spent the amount of 20,100 million on Google Play. That is, the volume of spending by Apple users is much higher than those of Android, despite being this group much more numerous.

And as for games, both stores have grown by 30 percent over the previous year, a figure to be taken into account and where the Apple Store returns to win in terms of income , since it adds about 30,000 million dollars with respect to to 18,000 million on Google Play.

What can we conclude with this tangle of information? That an Apple user has less regard when it comes to scratching his pocket and paying for an application or game . And that in Google Play is free download with much more joy.

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