Integral creates the first 512 GB microSD for mobile and tablet. -


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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Integral creates the first 512 GB microSD for mobile and tablet.

The British manufacturer Integral Memory has created the microSD Integral Memory 512 GB , setting a new record of maximum capacity in storage cards in the world. So far, the record belonged to the 400GB reached by SanDisk in August last year. This new microSD card of 512 GB will go on sale next month February 2018.

Integral Memory 512 GB is ready to beat the record with this version, and is compatible with any computer that integrates support for micro SDXC cards, mobile phones and Android tablets.
Most Android phones, tablets, computers and cameras have been compatible with micro SDXC cards for about four years.

Although Integral Memory 512 GB is the card with the highest storage capacity in the market, it is not the fastest card of all, it has been possible to anticipate that the maximum transfer speed of this component is 80MB / s. The card will hit stores in February, but there is still no assurance that it will be immediately available in markets outside the United Kingdom. As for the price, has not yet been revealed, but it is almost certain that the British company will market it with a price higher than $ 250 SanDisk microSD, indicating that it could be around 300 euros.

Specifications of Integral Memory 512 GB:

Its full name of 512GB microSDXC V10 UHS-I U1. and it has a data transfer speed between 10 MB / s of minimum speed and 80 MB / s of maximum speed, which is a more than sufficient range, even on the PC. The card also complies with the Video Speed ​​Class 10 (V10) standard, so you can capture content in 4K without problems from a camera.

In addition to the 512 GB model, there will be available versions of 8, 16, 32, 64, 128 and 256 GB, with a five-year warranty for all versions.

It might seem unnecessary to invest in local storage cards nowadays, the cloud exists, but it is not just about storing, but having the capacity to store provisional material for selection and disposal. For example, we have seen photographers take several storage cards for a single session, or make several shots for a video that then possibly discard 80%. The 512GB micro SD can also be an excellent option in tablets, to download movies locally or video games. For example, they are the perfect complement for a Nintendo Switch.

Integral Memory has agreements with the main chip manufacturers in the world, such as Samsung, Toshiba or SK Hynix, as well as having points of sale in Spain, France and the Netherlands. It only remains to see the exact date on which it goes on sale and especially its final price.

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