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Sunday, 21 January 2018

iOS 11 sweeps Android Lollipop, Marshmallow and Oreo together

Yesterday, Apple provided data regarding the adoption of iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad and the conclusion is quite expected: it has been installed on fewer iOS devices than iOS 10 at the same time with a percentage of approximately 65% . That is, that 2 out of 3 iPhone and iPad have iOS 11 as the operating system .

Compared with other mobile software of the bitten apple, currently iOS 11 is the majority with an installation that doubles to iOS 10. As for iOS 9 and earlier, barely reaches 7% share. Normally Apple does not usually provide this data, so it is the analysts who deduce this data, which had supposed that iOS 11 would surpass iOS 10 in October.

But in fact, iOS 11 has struggled to reach these figures , being far behind the success that had at the time iOS 10. And is that in these same dates iOS 10 had already been installed in 76% of devices, something more than the current share of iOS 11.

However, the undecided are expected to make the leap to iOS 11 when Apple launches the function that allows users to opt to lower the speed of the processor of your device (as has been done to date) or maximize battery life , a difficult decision whose consequences will be noticed in the life of our iPhone and iPad. For this we still have to wait a few weeks, although it is expected to be with the release of iOS 11.3 .

Another advantage of iOS over Android 

Although iOS 11 is struggling to convince iPhone and iPad users, just take a look at Android figures to verify that Google's mobile operating system is light years away in this regard . And is that despite the fact that the permeation of iOS 11 is weaker than its predecessors, overwhelming Android Oreo overwhelming: it has only been installed in 0.7% of Google devices.

So you can sell more Android phones, but these have outdated software. But it's even worse: iOS 11 exceeds the sum of the last three Android updates (Lollipop, Marsmallow and Oreo respectively), which have an installation fee of only 56%.

One more reason to opt for iOS is that: the robustness, security and fluidity of the operating system of Apple joins that you can enjoy the most renewed interfaces, new features and patches against existing threats per day . And is that although you buy the most flamboyant and current flagship you can find from an Android manufacturer, you may not enjoy its latest operating system.

Via | 9to5Mac

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