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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

iOS 11.3 will come with 4 new Animoji and a controversial feature

The arrival of iOS 11 has been highly anticipated throughout the year 2017, until finally on September 19 users could download the final version of this operating system . The changes are known by everyone, the famous Do not disturb while driving, the screen recording and many more that we have already been telling you for quite some time.

But it is clear that it never rains to everyone's taste, on iOS 11 there is a division of opinions. We meet users who hate it and do not want to go from iOS 10.3, to others who are happy with it . It is true that Apple has managed the batterygate has not helped much.

What you have for this spring, iOS 11.3, gives a new twist to the animojis by adding four more to the existing twelve that already exist. These are a lion, a dragon, a bear and a skull . The owners of an iPhone X are in luck, then.

New developments are also coming with ARkit, the augmented reality platform that allows applications to be taken to another dimension, and which allows the user to interact differently with the medium . In addition to this, a battery management system is introduced for the oldest devices, it is seen that the Cupertino company has learned from the controversy that has been generated in the days before Christmas about the management of the same.

This functionality will tell the user if it is necessary to replace the device's battery and manage the way we use the power on the iPhone or iPad. It seems that a kind of anonymous chat is also included to communicate with the company .

The health application will also be renewed, since it will allow the user to consult their medical records and histories , in order to have a greater follow-up of their general physical condition. As we can see, changes that try to make you fall in love with iOS 11. 

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