iOS will have function to turn off the intentional function that slows down your iphone. -


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Friday, 19 January 2018

iOS will have function to turn off the intentional function that slows down your iphone.

Turn off the slowdown. iOS will have a button to disable the function that reduces the performance of the iPhone when the battery is degraded. As is common knowledge among users, Apple, with the arrival of iOS 11, decided to limit the performance of certain iPhones to solve the problems of the battery. The move caused such general discontent, that Apple had to apologize and lower the price of batteries in order to try to calm users.

The next iOS update will allow users to turn off the intentional deceleration of the iPhone that was created to minimize the impact of the new iOS on degraded batteries.
Apple's CEO , Tim Cook , shared yesterday that the next update of iOS 11 will allow users to turn off the performance deceleration of certain iPhones that have been approved with degraded batteries.

After the analysis of John Poole, founder of Geekbench , who measured the performance of an iPhone 6s and an iPhone 7 where he discovered that in iOS 10.2.1 and 11.2.0 Apple incorporated a mechanism to lower the frequency of the CPU and thus prevent the device will shut down suddenly due to the process load.

Apple, apologized to its customers last December for the perjury and tried to solve this problem. The market did not react in a pleasant way and at this moment Apple faces multiple lawsuits filed after admitting intentionally disabling the iPhones. that is why you enter this update to be able to turn off the deceleration.

This takeover comes after the company, last month, admitted that it intentionally slowed iPhones as they "age", thus minimizing problems.

In an interview with ABC News, Cook said the update will arrive in February, but will first be delivered to developers, before reaching a wider audience.

We're going to give people the visibility of their battery's health and that's very, very transparent. This was never done before. The automatic performance reduction will also be explicit for users, to prevent the computer from shutting down unexpectedly, according to Tim Cook. If you do not want to, you can turn it off.

The next beta version of iOS 11, for programmers, is expected in early February, which means that a public disclosure will occur sometime in March.

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