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Thursday, 4 January 2018

iPhone X: What are your main differences?

Have you recently purchased an iPhone X? Are you thinking about buying a new iPhone but do not know which one? We tell you all the main differences between the new iPhone X and the rest of Apple models.

The rumors, initially, suggested that the iPhone X would have a great sales success. Although the stock of units was quite limited, there have been many users who have purchased the 10th anniversary smartphone .

If you are one of the lucky owners of an iPhone X , or if on the contrary you are thinking of buying an iPhone but you do not know all its differences, you will be interested to know its main exclusive features .

User interface

Apple's iPhone X does not have a physical home button, and it does not have a Touch ID either. This means that its user interface has acquired some small changes . In fact, even new tactile gestures have been incorporated.

Instead of pressing the start button on the iPhone X, you must slide your finger from the bottom of the screen up to return to the home screen with all your installed apps.

Also, instead of pressing twice on the Home button you will have to slide your finger from the bottom up and stop to see all the applications you have open.

On the other hand, there is a new option to turn on the iPhone X screen . How is it done? Simply pressing your finger on the OLED screen when it is locked.

Upper front frame 

The iPhone X has a totally new design. It has a superior front frame, also known as "notch", which penetrates the OLED screen to use the camera and its facial recognition functions.

Many users have criticized this design and the controversial "ears" of the iPhone X. But in the end you end up getting used to it. Although it will be more complicated to do when you use the iPhone X horizontally.

OLED screen 

The iPhone X screen is the first to use OLED technology with improved contrast ratio, blacker blacks and more vivid colors. It has a resolution of 2,436 x 1,125 with 458 pixels per inch.

It's fantastic, but it has some small details to polish. For example, it has the "burn-in" defect that causes some high-contrast images to remain present on the screen even if you have stopped viewing them.

Face ID 

Undoubtedly, one of the most exclusive functions of the iPhone X with respect to the other models is the Face ID system. With this feature you can unlock your iPhone X with your face , simply by looking at the screen.

But this novelty has caused Apple to remove the Touch ID function in this device. So it's something to keep in mind before buying an iPhone X.


Another of the exclusive features of the iPhone X are the Animojis. This is a large animated emojis that are present in the native iOS messaging application. These emojis imitate your facial expressions perfectly thanks to the TrueDepth camera and they are really fun.

Wireless charging 

Finally, Apple has incorporated wireless charging in the iPhone X. Although this system is also available in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus . It is as fast as the traditional battery charging system, but extremely convenient if we think of a future without wires.

Via | Macrumors 

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