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Saturday, 20 January 2018

Is the iPhone X Waterproof or Water Resistant? These are the differences

The year 2016 had a highlight with the presentation of the iPhone 7 series, since the two models that were presented in September had characteristics that Apple's competitors introduced long ago , the resistance to dust and water.

The phones that have come a posteriori, that is to say the series 8 and the iPhone X , logically continue introducing this characteristic, that of the resistance to these elements . Let's talk more about these characteristics to know them better.

The certification that the iPhone has since series seven is known as IP67. To know this index better, we must say that the acronym IP corresponds to the English words Ingress Protection, or degree of protection. Let's dig now the digits, the first (6) refers to the dust, where 0 would mean that it is not resistant to it, with 6 being the highest degree of protection . In the case of the second digit, it refers to water. The higher this last digit is, the greater the degree of protection.

The number 7 corresponds to a water resistance of 1 meter deep for 30 minutes , which is not bad. It was speculated that the series presented in 2017 had IP 68 resistance, as have some Samsung devices and that allows it to be submerged during those 30 minutes but a meter and a half deep, that is, greater protection. Finally, it was not like that.

So, is the iPhone X waterproof? Yes, as long as the manufacturer's conditions are met , that is to say submerge it in water (not for example in a soft drink). You can shower with him, you can check social networks while you take a bath in the pool, you can put it in the bathroom even though there is a cloud of steam from the shower. You should not use it to bathe in the sea, since salinity could affect you in a greater way or dive deeper than indicated.

And logically to your iPhone nothing will happen if you spill a drink on it and clean it and immediately, yes, try to do it well because when the liquid evaporates can be sticky substances such as sugars or syrups and believe me, it is not a pleasant feeling .

And anyway, is it as essential an iPhone as to have to put it in the pool or use it while you are showering? Tell us in comments .

Via | idropnews 

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