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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Is it necessary to use antivirus for Android in 2018?

Do you need an antivirus on your Android? Android is undoubtedly one of the most famous operating systems in the world for smartphone, and is installed in the vast majority of equipment that is available in the market. Therefore, it is easy to see why much of the malicious software for smartphones that circulates, is aimed at attacking the smartphones that run the Google Android operating system.

Many people think that Android antivirus is useless and that malware in the devices can be avoided by being aware of the links in which it is loaded.
However, they forget that only last year was discovered a huge group of viruses or malicious software that aimed to attack Android smartphones. Despite the major efforts made by Google to cancel this type of malware, we can not deny that it is almost mission impossible to control everything that happens on the platform.

Can we afford to use only "common sense" as protection?

It is evident that the answer is NO. If you want to be truly protected, you must install a trusted antivirus.
A virus in Android is a type of malicious software (malware) of the same type that has threatened your computer for several decades. As the Android platform develops and the number of users increases, the number of potential threats also increases.

Several computer security reports, mostly carried out by antivirus and computer security companies, show that the risk increases every year and the number of threats to which our smartphones are exposed is increasing. Believe or not in these reports, it is always good to know what they really treat and where this type of malware comes from.

Where does Android malware come from? 

The Google Play Store is the big target of the malicious and where they try to hide their applications with viruses, which then attack our smartphones. Due to the large volume of applications that arrive every day in the Google application store, and the large number of downloads, it is practically impossible to filter everything and fully control the platform.

While it is true that Google is always trying to improve its security system, as announced in 2017, and is committed to increasing the protection of Android smartphones, through Play and Protect , it is advisable that you always verify the security of Play Store applications before downloading them to your smartphone, even if they are from the Play Store.

However, malware does not reach devices only through apps. It is necessary to be careful with emails that bring attachments and other files whose download can be done automatically from other applications. It can also be very useful to check periodically if there are threats present on your smartphone, and to clean files that are simply garbage.

On the other hand, you should be careful with APK files, they often seem safe, but in reality they contain dangerous software that endangers the user's privacy and security.

Antivirus or not? 

Being an Android user who has already experienced the experience of having malware on the smartphone and who has lost immense time to return to having a healthy device, I recommend that everyone install an antivirus.

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