Italy will denounce Apple and Samsung for programmed obsolescence -


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Friday, 19 January 2018

Italy will denounce Apple and Samsung for programmed obsolescence

If the beginning of the year for Apple was quite moved on account of the slowdown of their iPhone due to the natural wear and tear of the battery, the beginning of it does not look to be quiet.

The Competition Organization of Italy has launched two separate investigations unfavorable to Apple and Samsung for the accusations of programmed obsolescence that it seems that you are suffering their terminals.

According to the Italian laws, it would be violating a standard of information to consumers, since they do not know how to stop this obsolescence programmed in the terminals. It seems that both the North American and the Korean companies would deliberately slow down their devices in order to force consumers to upgrade to newer, and logically more expensive ones.

The opacity with which companies deal with this issue does not help the investigations in any way . The company of the bitten apple is already facing an investigation in our neighboring country, France, on the subject of battery deceleration and where programmed obsolescence is illegal and where it is punishable by criminal law .

The CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has announced that in future updates of his iOS operating system, there will be the possibility of properly managing the iPhone , deactivating the deceleration and therefore allowing a more adequate management of the battery .

And it is that this murky issue of batteries seems to have stirred consciences in the Cupertino company , so much so that it seems that we will not be long in seeing this option on our phones.

Do you think there should be a global regulation on programmed obsolescence? We hope, as always, your comments on this page or through our social networks. Remember that we are on Twitter and Facebook .

Via | the verge 

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