Keep your plants alive with Happy Plant, our favorite app -


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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Keep your plants alive with Happy Plant, our favorite app

Our world is increasingly industrialized, and human beings have almost no time to exist . We almost always have something to do and we are constantly moving from city to city solving problems in our jobs or areas of study. Because of this, sometimes we forget elementary things, like changing that bulb or watering our plants with a little water.

If you do not want your little green friends to continue dying, keep reading this article, we bring you the perfect application to keep them alive for a long time.

Happy Plant

With Happy Plant the thirst is over. Thanks to this application we can set reminders and other things that will help us remember that our plants also need a livelihood to continue living, and that they will not only survive on dry land basis.

With this application we will not forget to water the plants. In addition, we can select the amount of water that we give each one depending on how much you need.

Another interesting feature is that we can create timelapse videos with photos of our growing little friend, so we can see their evolution in a much clearer way.

Download it now

Remember that keeping the color green in the application is very important , since it is what tells us that everything is going well. If you see something red somewhere, maybe it's time for you to think about whether you've been following the instructions of the app to the letter.

Happy Plant will send reminders and notifications every so often so you do not forget your plants, and grow increasingly green, healthier, and stronger.

Work is no longer an excuse for your plants to continue dying. Remember that a greener world is a better world , and Happy Plant helps us complete this goal successfully.

Download it now by clicking on the link that we leave here below.

Are you one of those who forgets to water the plants? Leave us your answer in the comments! 

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