Knowing the IMEI code of your phone can get you out of trouble -


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Friday, 26 January 2018

Knowing the IMEI code of your phone can get you out of trouble

The IMEI code is the identifier code of each telephone. From English, International Mobile Station Equipment Identity , International Identity of Mobile Equipment, and is a USSD code pre-recorded in GSM mobile phones. This code identifies the device exclusively worldwide and is transmitted by the device to the network when connecting to it.

The IMEI code allows the blocking of mobile terminals in case of theft, we simply notify the IMEI of the mobile phone to our telephony operator and proceeds to block it.

The IMEI code is a unique 15- or 17-digit number that allows you to uniquely identify any mobile terminal associated with a GSM or UMTS network, and it can not be changed. It's like a fingerprint that makes it unique and protects it. Usually comes printed on a white label under the battery of the mobile. You can also get it by typing the combination * # 06 # from the phone itself.

It consists of four sections: the first six digits -Type Allocation Code (TAC) - explain the country in which it was created, the next two -Final Assembly Code (FAC) - allow to know who the manufacturer is, followed by the number of series (SNR) and, finally, a check digit (although not all have it)

Pair that serves the IMEI code?

1-. To release a blocked mobile phone, and use it with a new operator, regardless of the brand or model. To do this we get in touch with our operator and request the unlock code, for which we will ask for the IMEI of our terminal.

2-. Lock and unlock the mobile if you lose it or it is stolen . Just call your operator and give the code: the terminal block will be immediate. It will also serve to report the theft. Once found, you still unlock it by calling the operator.

Through the website of the companies, you can also lock and unlock your phone, entering the IMEI code, once you have entered it, you will receive an unlock code in a matter of seconds.

3-. If you are going to buy a used mobile and want to check if it was reported as "stolen" or "lost", you can enter the IMEI on the following web page: and then you will know if it is in the blacklist of stolen cell phones. This list also includes computers that can not connect to the network.

The company usually provides additional information about the device, such as the model. If it is an Apple, you will also know the status of the cloud with which the cell is linked.

4-. Test updates
The IMEI code also serves to test software updates that are in beta, some manufacturers allow you to register with your code.

AN ADVICE: Write it down in a safe place and keep it always at hand. You never know when you might need it ...

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