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Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Little absurd things that bother me about iPhone

The iPhone may be one of the best mobile phones in the market. By benchmarks there is no doubt: the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X devastate against the top of the Android range. But it is not the only thing to judge in a phone: design, finishes, connectivity, biometric systems, materials, battery and charging, optics ... endless parameters in which the iPhone in general go well stand .

But the difference, as with people, is inside: the real differential element of the iPhone with respect to other mobile phones is its operating system . It may be that iOS 11 is one of the most problematic mobile software that we remember due to the decrease in performance, battery life, bugs, etc., but in general we know that iOS has a design, usability and robustness that is unrivaled. Android may be more flexible, but at the cost of having less security and a generally less fluid and intuitive interface.

However, apart from all that, there is something that I personally do not like anything and that judging from what is seen in a thread of reddit, I'm not the only one: volume management . Or rather, two things in particular: that appears that horrible square of the volume that is superposed between what I am seeing and allows me to adjust the volume by units, something that besides annoying has little precision.

And the second: that you can not change the volume separately, something that for example if you have Android. That is to say, that for example the SMS reaches me to the maximum volume but to be able to configure the alarms of WhatsApp to the minimum volume. Another example: adjust the volume of YouTube video playback or navigation through Safari. And it is that with iOS and iPhone we only have the possibility to adjust it globally .

We do not think it's too complicated to modify both , although there are already Tweaks for devices with Jailbreak to change the volume interface for quite some time that offer us much more precise and aesthetic alternatives. Will they take note in Cupertino for iOS 12?

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