More clues about an iPad with Face ID without borders that falls in love -


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Friday, 26 January 2018

More clues about an iPad with Face ID without borders that falls in love

That Apple prepares something big with the iPad in this 2018 is not any kind of secret. If last year the great revolution was the iPhone X and its identification system Face ID , we may have a tablet with biometric identification as well.

And it is that Ming-Chi Kuo himself considers this possibility to be very feasible. We would talk about an iPad with hardly any frames and and with Face ID replacing the traditional Touch ID fingerprint system . Despite the initial shadows of unlocking the iPhone X with the face, it works reasonably well.

And lately the rumor has gained strength because in iOS 11.3 there is a text reference that increases this possibility. In this line appear the words "Modern iPad" . What does this mean? Well, with the iPhone X, which enjoys Face ID, was also referred to at the time as "modern iPhone" in the line of code.

What undoubtedly gives us for granted that if "modern iPhone" means having Face ID, the nomenclature "modern iPad" strongly points to this possibility in the Apple tablet . This discovery has been made by Filipe EspĆ³sito, who is the editor of the iHelBR publication.

And it is not only he who says it, the famous developer Gilherme Rambo has also mentioned this on his Twitter, so it seems clear that this system is going to be a trend in iOS devices that are presented from now on . What seems more improbable is that this new iPad 2018 has an OLED screen, as does the iPhone X. The high cost of this type of screen would make the price shoot in a device of so many ", so for the moment it will be more than likely to stay with the traditional LCD.

Via | macrumors 

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