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Tuesday, 30 January 2018

My streaming photos: What is it and how to configure it?

The iOS operating system is created almost exclusively for multimedia files and for the integration of all systems with the other devices produced by Apple. Whether you have an iPad, an iPhone, an Apple Watch or a Mac, everything is perfectly created so that everyone has their place in the ecosystem, and this is something that no other competitor has been able to overcome Apple.

If you want to see all your photos on any device you are using that is attached to your Apple ID, read on, here we leave you the best way to use My photos in streaming , a feature that not everyone knows about your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

What is My Photos in Streaming

My Photos in Streaming, like the Fototeca of iCloud , is an Apple service that uploads and distributes all our photos to the other devices that are linked to our Apple ID. It does not matter if you have taken the photo with your iPhone, when you open the application Photos of your iPad, you can see it there.

However, this service also has its limitations , although they are somewhat different from those we see in the iCloud Fototeca. Unlike this second, in My Photos in Streaming we can upload the number of photos we want as long as they do not exceed 25,000 per month, 10,000 per hour or 10,000 per week.

How to configure it on your devices 

If you want to configure My Photos in Streaming, which is probably why you are in this article, you just have to follow these simple steps from your device:

  •     Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
  •     Touch in your name . If you have a lower version than iOS 10.3, skip this step.
  •     Open the iCloud section.
  •     Search Photos
  •     Activate "Upload to Photo Stream". 

Ready. This option will already be active in the terminal where you have followed these steps. You will have to follow this same process on each device in which you want to receive the content of My Photos in Streaming.

Activate it on Mac 

If you have a Mac and you want your photos to be updated every time there is news, do the following :

  •     Open the Photos application on your Mac.
  •     Select the Preferences option.
  •     Click on iCloud .
  •     Check the My Photos box in Streaming. 

That's it , now you should see the photos of your iPhone or iPad on your Mac.

Activate it in Windows 

Before anything, remember that you must install the iCloud application for Windows. Once you have it on your computer, you can follow the steps:

    Open iCloud for Windows.
    Tap Photos
    In the Options menu, activate My Photos in Streaming.
    Tap Apply changes. 

Activate it on Apple TV

If you also want to enjoy your photos on the big screen , just follow these steps:

    Go to Settings
    Touch in Account
    Open the iCloud option.
    Finally, activate the My Photos feature in Streaming . 
What can be saved in My Photos in Streaming 

Unlike the iCloud Photo Library, whose photo storage is limited depending on the amount of memory we have in iCoud, My Photos in Streaming has several notable limitations :

  •     My Photos in Streaming do not take up storage space in iCloud.
  •     You can only have them for 30 days , after that, they will be removed from the cloud. If you want to keep them you will have to download them on the devices you want.
  •     You can upload a maximum of 25,000 photos per month , 10,000 per day or 1,000 per hour. If you upload more than this amount, the photo upload will be paused until the space is released.
  •     You can upload any file to My Photos in streaming provided it is: JPEG, TIFF, PNG and RAW .
  •     The allowed video files are MP4, Quicktime, H.264 and MPEG-4. They can have a maximum duration of 15 minutes . 

How to delete My Photos in Streaming

If you want to delete the photos uploaded to My Photos in Streaming so they do not show on any other device, you just have to do the following:

  •     Open the Photos application on your device.
  •     On the Albums tab, go to My Photos in Streaming .
  •     Select the photos you want to delete.
  •     Tap the trash and accept. 

The steps are quite similar in the other devices, so you should not have loss. The process is the same, just select the photos you do not want and delete them. 

That is all. In addition to activating this option, you can always add the iCloud Photo Library to your device , which may be of help at some point.

Apple's services are quite extensive, and although some resemble each other, they all have specific functions to fulfill for the user's convenience.

Have you used this function before? Leave us your answer in the comments!

Via | Manzana 

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