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Monday, 22 January 2018

Natural Cycles, the contraceptive app that has already caused 37 pregnancies

There are apps for everything, you just have to go around the App Store to verify that the variety of them is overwhelming . The section of those referred to health has from those that monitor sleep to true medical encyclopedias.

And yes, there are family planning. One of them, called Cycles Birth, is based on a natural contraceptive method called basal temperature, which registers the changes of the same in a woman when she wakes up , giving a green if it is in day nor fertile, and red if there is a possibility of pregnancy.

Now, we know that there is no contraceptive method with a hundred percent effectiveness, unless you abstain from having sex, and this application has caused 37 unwanted pregnancies in Sweden . And is that the temperature of this method is quite rigorous, as we can see in the video.

And in truth the application is not a fake and the basal temperature method has been used for quite some time , but we already know that it can fail. The creators of the application have a very complete web page where they explain in detail how the system works.

Although from the same web space ensures the reliability of this contraceptive method, the reality are those 37 pregnancies not wanted in the Nordic country. As for the application, you must logically buy the thermometer and subscribe to your monthly offer, or choose the annual payment.

Did women fail to take their temperature in these cases? Was it the fault of the method? We will not know, since from the website they decline to comment on it and hide behind the 93 percent effectiveness that says they have this system.
Natural Cycles, anticonceptivo
Natural Cycles, anticonceptivo
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