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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Netflix: series and movie premieres for February 2018

We are in the middle of January, one of the coldest months of the year, and with these low temperatures one of the most desirable plans is to cuddle up with your partner on the couch, blanket, pajamas and Netflix.

Netflix , the platform for digital content via streaming, offers the best series, films and documentaries of the moment. In addition, they can be enjoyed from anywhere and in all kinds of devices: Smart TV, PlayStation, Xbox, iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, Mac ...

The Netflix catalog is very broad, so the platform renews its service by eliminating and adding content. In this article we will tell you what series, films and documentaries come to Netflix next February 2018 and what contents are removed from its catalog.

News from Netflix in the February 2018 catalog 

Netflix comes loaded with new releases to enjoy the best series and movies of today. As we have been doing every month, we offer you a selection of news from the Netflix catalog from February 2018 .

    Queer Eye For The Straight Guy - Season 1: February 1, 2018.
    Altered Carbon - Season 1: February 2, 2018.
    Snoop Coaching - Season 1: February 2, 2018.
    Everything Sucks - Season 1: February 16, 2018.
    Seven Seconds - Season 1: February 23, 2018.

Movies and documentaries

    On Body AndrĂ©s Soul: February 2, 2018.
    The Ritual: February 9, 2018.
    The Trader: February 9, 2018.
    The Mute: February 23, 2018.
    Ugly Delicious: February 23, 2018.
    Marlon Wayans Woke-ish: February 27, 2018.

Important: These are some of the Netflix news for February 2018. But the streaming service platform will soon announce the release of many more series and movies. We will update the publication as soon as the entire catalog of February 2018 is available.
Content withdrawn from Netflix

    Under the Same Sky: expires on February 9, 2018.

Recommendations of Netflix series

We offer you a list with the recommendations of the most interesting series of the Netflix platform:

    Stranger Things
    Black Mirror
    The Expanse
    Star Trek: Discovery
    The OA
    Black Lightning
    Luke Cage
    Jessica Jones
    Iron Fist
    The Punisher
    The Defenders
    The Good Place
    Peaky Blinders
    For 13 reasons
    The End Of The F *** ing World
    The House of Paper
    El Chapo

How to download Netflix series on your iPhone and iPad

. Open the official Netflix application on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

2. Press on the series, movie or documentary you want to download.

3. Select an episode if necessary.

4. Click on the button in the form of an arrow pointing downwards.

5. Tap on the blue bar at the bottom to check the status of the discharge process.

So far the news and the premieres of the Netflix catalog for the month of February of the year 2018. What series will not you miss on the platform? What are your favorites? 

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