No, iOS 11.2.2 does not slow down your iPhone. Install it and protect yourself from Specter -


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Sunday, 14 January 2018

No, iOS 11.2.2 does not slow down your iPhone. Install it and protect yourself from Specter

Just a few hours ago we echoed a surprising news: the installation of the iOS 11.2.2 update , the latest that Apple has released for iOS devices whose main feature is the protection against the Specter vulnerability , slowing down the iPhone and iPad even in 40%

An iOS user demonstrated on his website the before and after installing iOS 11.2.2 on an iPhone 6 whose benchmark left us the creeps. A brutal drop in performance that blew up all the alarms. How was it possible for apple to launch an update that reduced the performance of our devices by almost half?

After being made public, numerous websites like Forbes or us echoed the news. It would not be the first time that Apple surprises us in this regard . After the hours in Cupertino still not pronounce and with all the reason in the world : any scientist knows that before giving a hypothesis for good, the sample on which the study is made should be representative and identical conditions.

Well, we are wrong . In Actuality iPhone have shed light on the matter simply by showing that several people after Melvin repeated the test and showed that it was false. In the geekbench website (the software used for benchmarks), several cases can be consulted that deny it.

The simplest solution is the most likely: melv1n had a bad battery in his iPhone 6 and the apple function to prevent blackouts was fully operational, that is, reducing the speed of the processor . And is that looking carefully at the evidence we see that the iphone melv1n passes from iOS 11.1.2 to iOS 11.2.2: The batterygate in its glory.

Finally and as Apple explains in the update notes, the solution to Specter affects Webkit and Safari, not the entire operating system . This is how they literally describe the patch:

    iOS 11.2.2 includes security improvements to Safari and WebKit to mitigate the effects of Specter (CVE-2017-5753 and CVE-2017-5715)

So there would be no sense in a reduction in performance because it does not affect the hardware, but a part of the software. At the time we insist on its installation despite the tests because safety always goes above the performance , but now with all the reason in the world. 

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