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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

One lens, 3 GB of RAM and metal case: this would be the iPhone XL

Tremble Rome, the analyst has spoken with more accurate diagnoses . It could not be other than Ming-Chi Kuo, who every time he opens his mouth monopolizes, and with good reason, all the attention. It has been giving a few days orientation about what is coming, about the iPhone X and its production , and now it is doing it again on the iPhone of 2018.

On this occasion he has given more details about the intermediate model , the 6.1 inches. We remind you that Apple prepares three models in different sizes, with 5.8, another with 6.1 and the iPhone XL Plus 6.5 inches.

This device will be quite similar to the iPhone X , including the Face ID, but with some changes in the design to achieve a more adjusted price. In Spain part of a base of 1159 euros, a subject that has been widely criticized.

To achieve this would have an LCD screen, as we have been counting for a long time, although now Kuo advances that the device will have an aluminum frame, a rear camera with a single lens and, attention, without 3D Touch .

There are also changes that would not affect the exterior, such as the motherboard, the key place where many of the elements of the device are stacked. It would not have the configuration that has the iPhone X or the dual battery in the form of L so typical of the model of 2017, being the battery that feeds the design system similar to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

Although it is soon for it, the price would be between 700 or 800 dollars , and would be announced in September so that it would be available in October, along with its brothers of baking. And the bet seems to be strong, because Apple thinks it could have a sales quota of 50 percent with respect to the models that appear next to it.

Via | macrumors 

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