OnePlus 5T vs Samsung Galaxy Note8 face each other in the ridiculously fun Cactus Test -


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Sunday, 28 January 2018

OnePlus 5T vs Samsung Galaxy Note8 face each other in the ridiculously fun Cactus Test

 It is often common to find videos, posts or reviews of all kinds that help us decide between one mobile or another: from the classic benchmarks of performance or test of tasks to camera duels, resistance to falls, blows ... and is that Today , virtually everything is compared to finding the perfect mobile .

But a test that nobody had thought of is to compare one mobile phone with another in terms of survival. I mean: if they were throwing cactus while you are handling your mobile , which would be fast enough to avoid a prolonged exposure to that risk? Stupidly funny, but it has already occurred to someone. Specifically to the signature OnePlus, known for its Android terminals with an incredible value for money and for copying without dissimulation the Apple iPhone .

And is that OnePlus continues to grow, but can not be immune to a security scandal that points directly to users and who is ultimately responsible. Specifically, to the IMEI and the bank details of those people who choose to buy a model of the firm, as they explain in Andro4All . A scandal that has no justification and that also is not the first time they do it .

So OnePlus has come to sing mea culpa in a rather peculiar way to those more than 40,000 people who have seen their privacy violated : with an ad that emulates the mythical TV contest "Smash the Past". Some laughs take us out, which I do not know if it will serve to improve their brand image and above all, reassure their buyers, who may expect measures that safeguard their confidentiality as well.

In the 40 second video we see how two "stupid men" face the OnePlus 5T and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the "the cactus test" to find out their speed by opening 20 apps before the danger of the cactus as a throwing weapon . Which mobile will be better stopped? 

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