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Monday, 22 January 2018

Overcome addiction to your iPhone by changing the color of the screen

Mobile devices are undoubtedly an element of work, leisure and entertainment. Although it is also clear that they have the capacity to create addiction. You just have to look at the number of times we are looking at the screen without doing absolutely nothing of the other world.

And without a doubt, maybe we unlocked the screen more than it should. Let's not say the anxiety that can cause us to forget the iPhone at home , it is as if we were missing some part of the body. Who would have said it 20 years ago?

Perhaps there is a simple trick that can help us to look less at the screen of our phone, and it is as easy as changing your colorful desktop to a grayscale one . And is there any reason for that? There are researchers who think so.

The colors of our screen have a hypnotic effect, the color red is exciting, while blue gives us security and confidence . Look at the colors of applications like Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin.

Those who have tried it say they have less temptation to look at the screens of their devices, the reason being to find the desktop less attractive . And if you want to already have a totally underground and unmotivating experience towards your iPhone, remove it in addition to the sound.

They say that the colors and sounds of the applications have the same effect on the mind as that of the slot machines, loaded with these elements that work as rewards. Perhaps, and more than trying to put the screen in grayscale, we should consider that the most appropriate thing is that we educate digitally and give mobile devices the importance they deserve , always without losing control.
Would you be able to do it in order to look less at the screen? Do you dare with the challenge?
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