Panic in the Apple Store in Valencia: another battery burns -


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Thursday, 11 January 2018

Panic in the Apple Store in Valencia: another battery burns

What Apple with batteries is starting to be quite worrying . We do not know what you have been doing these past few months, but you are having a full season of problems, and they are all related to the batteries in your phones.

Since the reduction of the performance of the devices as they reach the end of the life of their battery, which has caused them to apologize to all their customers and has led to the battery replacement program with reduced prices; Now, the explosion of your batteries. In their own Apple Store.

Of course, if it is one of your elaborate marketing campaigns, it certainly is not having a good impact. Yesterday, at an Apple Store in Zurich , an employee was slightly injured after the sudden explosion of the iPhone 6 Plus battery that he was using at the moment. And now, we have another incident that gets us much closer.

Today, at the Apple Store in Valencia, a phone started to burn during one of the workshops that was taking place on the first floor of the store. Thanks to the quick action of the employees, who extinguished the fire with sand , it was not necessary the intervention by the firemen, according to the Local Police.

For now, Apple has not made statements about these incidents, but it is surprising that, in such a short period of time, it happened twice , under similar conditions. It is speculated that it could also be related to the explosions that occurred in China, although the latter occurred in one of the latest company models, the iPhone 8, which is not related to the cases of slowdowns and is not subject to battery replacement program.

Source | Chain Being 

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