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Monday, 8 January 2018

Passing a car over an iPhone X is not a good idea

The arrival at the stores of the acclaimed iPhone X was the generation of many expectations, and not only how would be their behavior but also their resistance. Many tests to see how resistant this Apple device was to appear in various digital media.

And it is that having such a large screen and a rear glass, to facilitate wireless charging , makes it have a spectacular design, but a resistance to knocks and drops quite poor .

And although we had checked how the iPhone X faced grinding machines , knives, hammers and other niceties, we had never checked what would be his status after being hit by a vehicle .

As a Reddit user has shared how his mother's phone has been after being accidentally run over by his father's car. According to reports, the woman accidentally dropped the phone to the ground just at the time when her husband passed through that place.

Although the phone had a screen protector on the glass and a case, it is seen that it has not been enough to destroy it completely . Although this iPhone X retains most functions, the cameras are broken and therefore the star function of the terminal, Face ID, does not work.

Although this case is an extreme, it does give us an idea of the fragility of the terminal star of the brand of the bitten apple. Any blow, depending on the angle at which it falls, can be fatal and result in a rather expensive repair .

How do you do to protect your iPhone from shocks? Have you ever had an incident? We would love for you to tell us in comments.

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